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  1. SoundCloud Stats are a great way of understanding and measuring how your music or audio is received. Review your plays, likes, comments, reposts and downloads, discover which of your tracks are performing best, and what countries and cities they’re most popular in. buy real soundcloud plays

    Glossary of Stats

    Plays - We count a play once the play button is clicked. However, we don’t count plays on your own tracks, since those are your own plays. Plays cannot be removed from a track’s stats, and will appear below the track waveform and in your Stats page. Fore more details on the breakdown of play stats we offer, please go here.

    Likes - Likes occur when you, or a listener likes your track or playlist and saves it to their Collection to listen to again. Likes will appear publicly below your track or playlist’s waveform and in your Stats page. Read more about Likes here.

  2. The reality is that most businesses can take advantage of the networks out there in some way, but if there are limitations, you want your social media manager to be aware of them.

  3. Online Music Promotion is an essential part of any artist's successful marketing campaign in the "new music" business model.